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Stock Photo Image Ref: City of Coventry / 508 - cathedral ruins Statue of Reconcilliation spires of coventry



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Statue of Reconcilliation Designed by Josephina De Vasconcellos, this Statue depicts two former enemies forgiving one another. With replicas in Berlin, Northern Ireland and Hiroshima, it is internationally regarded as a symbol of peace.The original St. Michael's Cathedral was largely constructed between the late 14th century and early 15th century but now stands ruined, bombed almost to destruction on November 14, 1940 by the German Luftwaffe. Only the tower and spire along with the outer wall survived. Before 1918 it was the church of St. Michael, the largest parish church in England, but in that year was elevated to cathedral status after the creation of Coventry Diocese. The new St. Michael's cathedral, built next to the remains of the old, was designed by Basil Spence and is a Grade I listed building. The ruin of the older cathedral remains hallowed ground.